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          COVID-19 Response

          March 24, 2020

          Kenyon is suspending its residential program and transitioning to remote instruction. Read more about Kenyon's response to COVID-19.  


          504 Gateway Time-out


          The grant will support the development of humanities-based science writing curricula, building on recent grassroots work by English and biology 504 Gateway Time-out 



          Kenyon Review extended the interdisciplinary approach to high school students,  debuting a national summer science-writing workshop for young writers interested in learning to tell compelling stories about nature and other scientific topics. Inspired in part by these efforts, Kenyon students founded Lyceum, their own literary science journal

          To date, the Mellon Foundation has awarded Kenyon College and its affiliated Gund Gallery 23 grants totaling more than $7 million. Recent grants include digital storytelling initiative and $800,000 for development of a community engagement center.


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